Join the Solar Power Revolution

The technology involved in solar energy Cape Town power solutions has improved greatly in recent years, and the latest panels and systems are extremely efficient and cost-effective. Max Yield Energy has been installing high quality systems in the Western Cape region for some time, and they remain proud of a reputation for excellent service and quality solutions.

They can advise you on the best type of system for you, and it pays to have an expert explain this as there are many rather confusing differences, and they will also let you know if they believe it is not the right move for you.

Max Yield Energy has helped homeowners and businesses save money by installing up to the minute solutions, and they use locally produced materials where possible, so why not check out their website now for all the information you need on the latest solar energy solutions, or get in touch and see how they can help.

Free TV Streaming – No Cable or Satellite Fees

Would you be interested in a method of streaming films and TV programmes, without the expense of a cable or satellite package? You can have exactly that if you invest in one of the Android TV solutions on offer from SilverStream. This innovative method of accessing content uses only your existing HD TV and a 4meg or more broadband connection to watch internet tv South Africa; buy the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

SilverStream has the latest, most up to date Android systems, and all at excellent prices. You will find the equipment to be affordable and reliable, and the content available to be comprehensive and impressive. You can even play games, turning your TV into the entertainment centre of your home. Why not have a closer look at the SilverStream website right now, and see how easy it is to get the very best out of your TV for little cost.

Give Your Event a Real Boost

Are you organising an event, or do you do so on a regular basis? If so, you need to take a look at HelloCrowd, as it could not only make your job easier, but enhance the overall experience for all your attendees. HelloCrowd allows you to build a branded app with a range of standard features – attendee and speaker profiles, for example, plus agendas, maps, floor plans and much more – at a sensible price, and is easy to get to grips with the best conference apps.

HelloCrowd is already successful with many satisfied customers, and not only enhances your brand recognition, but also gives your attendees the chance to network easily. For more information on the HelloCrowd app, or to arrange a free demo, get onto their website right now, ad see just how easy you can enhance your event from an enjoyable and informative one to a fully immersive and engaging experience.

Learn the World’s Fastest Growing Water Sport

Did you know that kite surfing is currently the fastest-growing water sport in the world? This exciting, unique and invigorating sport involves many skills, especially those of being able to harness the wind and ride the waves, and you can learn the required art with Coastline Kite Surfing.

Coastline KiteSurfing offers a range of courses on the beaches of Cape Town, which is recognised as the number one destination for kite surfing. They are passionate about the sport, and aim to make you equally so with a choice of one to four day courses. They can teach young and old alike, and are happy to coach beginners as well as the more experienced riders who are looking to improve.

Check out the Coastline Kite Surfing website now, and fill in the simple online request form for more information or to book your session with the for when you are in town.

Biological Water Waste Treatment

Many areas of industry and agriculture have problems with water waste, and there are various regulations covering this difficult to manage area. BluePlanet SA is the name you need to remember for water waste solutions in Africa and effective microorganisms in South Africa, and their AquaClean range is a proven and safe solution for all.

fishBluePlanet SA produces solutions that use bacterial ingredients as the active constituent, and they are experts in the field with a strong reputation. Intense and lengthy research and development has gone into the products to ensure it is non-toxic, and is safe for all forms of life, so it can help reduce the need for chemical products making their product the best water quality management in aquaculture.

For more information on the AquaClean range, or on the BluePlanet SA philosophy, check out their website now, or get in touch with them to discuss your requirements in detail and one of their team will be more than happy to help.

Make Your Barbeque a Special Event

If you are hosting a barbeque you will know how much time and effort goes into the cooking, often taking up time that could be spent with your guests. That’s why we recommend you take a look at the barbeque deals on offer at London Spit Roast the best spit roast catering company London .

London Spit Roast provide you with all the equipment plus a chef, and then you add the food of your choice from their extensive list to cater for your event catering London. You can choose from basic burgers, cheese and bacon burgers, sausages and lamb cutlets, chicken legs and a choice of skewers, plus a full range of vegetarian dishes, and mix and match as you please.
Spit Roast
With a wealth of experience in catering for roasts and barbeques London Spit Roast is the place to go for quality service at a sensible price, so why not get in touch with them right now and book your catering right away.

Welding Fume Solutions in Southern Africa

Welding is an essential part of many metalworking processes, and without sufficient ventilation and extraction solutions in the workplace, the fumes generated can be detrimental to the health of those working in the vicinity. HPT Africa are experts in extraction and filtration solutions for the sub-Saharan countries, and have a reputation for excellent service and effective solutions.

As it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe and healthy, this is one area that needs careful, professional attention, and HPT Africaare the people to help whether you are in need of a simple stand-alone solution, or a major industrial system.

With many satisfied clients so far, including many major well-known brands in the region, HPT Africa are there to help you, so why not check out the website right now, or contact them and talk to one of their expert team about your waste management requirements.

Gifts for Everyone at Brandability

The great thing about giving away gifts to visitors at exhibitions or functions is that everyone likes something for nothing, and if you can give them something that they will really appreciate you are making the impression you need. At Brandability you can choose from many hundreds of product ranges, so there is bound to be something suitable for you they also have a great range of t shirt printing.

We like the brilliant range of USB hubs, memory sticks and other tech-related goods, and we also recommend the brilliant outdoor range which includes some great gift ideas. Look out for special offers and clearance items, too, and take advantage of the free artwork service .

Brandability also stocks a range of clothing that includes everything for the workplace as well as casual items for home wear, so why not check out the Brandability website right now and talk to one of their expert team about all your corporate gifts and clothing requirements.

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Get Four Painting Quotes Right Now!

Are you dreading having to contact a number of painting companies to get quotes for your job, and waiting ages for them to get back to you. You don’t have to: if you go to Painting Quotes, they can get you as many as four very competitive quotes from quality providers very quickly, and it’s a free, no obligation service to get quotes from painting contractors Cape Town.
Painting Quotes asks you to fill in a simple online form with your details and requirements, and they will then forward this to service providers on their list in your area. You will very soon receive quotes from relevant companies, and are free to choose.

It really is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get top quality quotes, so why not check out the Painting Quotes website right now, and fill in the form with your details. Save time and money, and get great quality painting.

Cheating Spouse? Get Help!

Cheating Spouse? Get Help!
It’s one of the most common reasons why individuals request the services of a private investigator South Africa: they suspect that their spouse or partner may be cheating, and want to make sure they are right. National Investigations Bureau – a leading player in the field in South Africa – can help, and they promise a discreet and professional service every time they offer services like fraud investigation.
They have a team of highly skilled, fully trained agents and are ready to help with any problems that may need investigating, and with a proven track record and competitive rates are a popular choice. They will talk to you in private about your concerns and provide you with evidence either way, so you can take your decision from there. Why not get in touch right now, and one of the team will be more than happy to listen to your concerns in confidence, and arrange for an appropriate investigation to begin.

Full Range of Quality Branded Clothing

A branded t-shirt, golf shirt or other item is a great way of enhancing your brand awareness, and by having all your workforce wear, for example, the same top with your brand name displayed, you are making a move that will impress visitors and clients as corporate gifts.

At The Promo Group, a leading name in the corporate branded clothing and gifts market in South Africa, you can choose from a vast range of clothing that covers everything from casual wear to more formal items, all at excellent prices, and each of which can be expertly branded with your corporate name or logo on golf shirts.

The Promo Group offers a free artwork service and also free delivery to the major metropolitan areas on orders of more than R1000 for extra value for money, so why not get in touch now and talk to one of their friendly, expert team about your branded clothing requirements.

Chinese Build Quality in South Africa

You will likely have read of the rapid development of the Chinese motor manufacturing market with 4×4 for sale, but did you know there is a full dealership network for one of the leading names in Chinese vehicles?

JMC SA is the South African agent for JMC, a long-established name in the Chinese vehicle market, and one with a strong reputation for quality, reliability and excellent prices. The range includes everything from a range of LWB and SWB trucks to a classy, stylish and superbly equipped SUV – the Landwind – and all are very well priced compared to European and Japanese manufacturers.

With a full dealership and service network covering the country and a reputation for excellent service you are guaranteed a fine affordable 4×4 South Africa that will be reliable and capable, so why not have a look at the JMC SA website now, and see how you can save money over better-known brands yet achieve the same quality levels.

Bespoke Website Design in South Africa

A website is a very important tool in any business, and these days many individuals like to have their own for an enhanced online presence. Web design services Cape Town has come a long way in just a few years, and it pays to have one that is professionally designed.
custom design
Netgen is a company with a wealth of experience in designing and implementing up to the minute websites, and they understand that you need to be optimised not just for laptops and PC’s, but also for hand held smartphones and tablets. They have a team who are experts in design, and they work to deadline and within budget.

With a strong reputation for excellent service, Netgen is a company you can rely on to get the job done, and they have many satisfied clients across 15 years of operation. Have a look at their website now, and they will be more than happy to help with your website requirement.

Explore the Beauty of the Free State

One of the most beautiful regions of South Africa, the Free State offers a choice of amazing mountain scenery, great attractions such as the Golden Gate National Park, and a relaxing atmosphere, and nowhere is this more evident than the pretty town of Clarens.

Located in the heart of the region, Clarens is a great place to stay when exploring the area, and you can find the perfect accommodation at Clarens Eddies, a fine self-catering establishment in a private and quiet location just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.
travel and food
With a choice of five units, each with private entrances and no shared facilities, Clarens Eddies is the ideal place to stay for a friendly and relaxing time in this marvellous town, so why not have a look at their website now, and don’t forget to check out the specials for possible deals and discounts.