Chinese Build Quality in South Africa

You will likely have read of the rapid development of the Chinese motor manufacturing market with 4×4 for sale, but did you know there is a full dealership network for one of the leading names in Chinese vehicles?

JMC SA is the South African agent for JMC, a long-established name in the Chinese vehicle market, and one with a strong reputation for quality, reliability and excellent prices. The range includes everything from a range of LWB and SWB trucks to a classy, stylish and superbly equipped SUV – the Landwind – and all are very well priced compared to European and Japanese manufacturers.

With a full dealership and service network covering the country and a reputation for excellent service you are guaranteed a fine affordable 4×4 South Africa that will be reliable and capable, so why not have a look at the JMC SA website now, and see how you can save money over better-known brands yet achieve the same quality levels.

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